Why Do Mother Cats Hiss At Kittens

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Why Do Mother Cats Hiss At Kittens. Why do cats hiss at new kittens? When exposed to a strange situation, like moving to a new home, your cat may hiss at movements, noises, and other unsettling aspects that she’s not used to.

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Let’s say that you’ve just brought the kitten home after visiting the vet. But, if he continually bites the kitten in the same area without carrying it could mean that he’s trying to assert his dominance. It’s much easier for her to “shop” without the distraction, misbehavior and noise kittens bring with them.

To spare your cat the unnecessary stress, get rid of the things that make him/her hiss too often.

Mama knows she’ll be able to bring something home if her babies aren’t scaring off the prey. Your cat bites your kitten’s neck if it is a mother who simply wants to carry her kitten. This is due to the feline feeling that they are in unfamiliar territory, unsure of what to expect. Most cats do not meow at each other;