When To Have Kittens Spayed

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When To Have Kittens Spayed. When your cat is spayed, she will be put under general anesthesia, leaving her unconscious during the surgery. I worried about that girl.

*ADOPTED* Fortune1 A033641; Female spayed; 3 yrs
*ADOPTED* Fortune1 A033641; Female spayed; 3 yrs from www.pinterest.com

My momma cat was spayed after her litter was adopted out. It is fairly common for a cat to have its first estrus (heat) between four and six months of age, and to give birth as early as at six or seven months. After an hour we found the older fixed momma cat had taken her daughters kittens under a bed and was nursing them.

The kittens just turned 14 weeks, they.

  if you have no such a vet locally, consider asking for a spay/neuter deposit, to be refunded when the adopter of a kitten presents evidence the spay or neuter has. I have also owned several cats, some of whom were spayed prior to and some after having kittens. Your vet will make a small incision in the wall of your cat's abdomen and will then remove her uterus and ovaries. Once a cat has had kittens, it can be spayed as soon as it is no longer feeding the babies.