How Can You Get Rid Of Fleas On Newborn Kittens

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How Can You Get Rid Of Fleas On Newborn Kittens. Clean the bedding or the blankets; A flea comb can be an effective tool to treat fleas in young kittens, especially if your kittens are still too young for medication.

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You’ll have to pick the fleas out. Remember, the life of the newborn kittens is under threat since flea infestations are known to carry anemia, which can be very dangerous due to the small size of the newborns. Pick them off and drown them in a separate cup of water.

Be sure to get between the hairs, down to the skin and not get any in the ears.

As for getting the fleas off of the kittens, bathe them in warm water and dawn dish detergent. Making sure all pets in the house are treated for fleas, trying to manage fleas in the home and the environment, and washing bedding in hot water can all help reduce the transmission of fleas to kittens. Dip the comb in a cup of soapy water to kill the fleas. The bath what is needed: